Youth 16+

Austen, JaneEmma
Austen, JaneLady Susan
Austen, JaneMansfield Park
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey
Austen, JanePersuasion
Austen, JanePride and Prejudice
Austen, JaneSense and Sensibility
Austen, JaneThe Watsons
Balzac, Honoré deThe Cabinet of Antiquities
Balzac, Honoré dePere Goriot, Ursule Mirouet and Other Stories
Bellamy, EdwardThe Blindman’s World and Other Stories
Bellamy, EdwardThe Duke of Stockbridge
Bellamy, EdwardLooking Backward
Bellamy, EdwardEquality (Sequel to Looking Back)
Bellamy, EdwardThe Cruise of the “Nona” and many others
Bernanos, GeorgesA Diary of My Times
Bernanos, GeorgesDiary of a Country Priest
Bernanos, GeorgesJoy 
Bernanos, GeorgesLast Essays
Bernanos, GeorgesThe Fearless Heart
Blackmore, Richard DoddridgeCripps the Carrier vol’s I and II out of III
Blackmore, Richard DoddridgeLorna Doone
Blackmore, Richard DoddridgeA Tale of the South Downs
Borrows, GeorgeThe Bible in Spain, vol I, II, and III
Borrows, GeorgeLavengro
Borrows, GeorgeRomany Rye (Sequel to Lavengro)
Brontë, CharlotteJane Eyre
Buchan, JohnA Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys 
Buchan, JohnA Lodge in the Wilderness
Buchan, JohnCastle Gay
Buchan, JohnGreenmantle
Buchan, JohnHuntingtower
Buchan, JohnJohn MacNab
Buchan, JohnMidwinter
Buchan, JohnMr. Standfast
Buchan, JohnThe Courts of the Morning
Buchan, JohnThe Free Fishers
Buchan, JohnThe Gap in the Curtain
Buchan, JohnThe House of the Four Winds
Buchan, JohnThe Thirty Nine Steps
Buchan, JohnThe Three Hostages
Butler, SamuelErewhon
Butler, SamuelThe Way of All Flesh
Cabell, James BranchChivalry
Cabell, James BranchGallantry
Cabell, James BranchJurgen
Cabell, James BranchThe Silver Stallion
Cable, George WashingtonKincaid’s Battery
Cable, George WashingtonOld Creole Days
Cable, George WashingtonThe Cavalier
Cather, WillaDeath Comes for the Archbishop
Cather, WillaMy Antonina
Cather, WillaShadows on the Rock
Chekhov, AntonNine Humorous Tales
Chesterton, G. K.The Everlasting Man
Chesterton, G. K.Father Brown (the series)
Chesterton, G. K.A Man Called Thursday
Columbus, ChristopherSelect Letters, etc.
Conrad, JosephAlmayer’s Folly
Conrad, JosephAn Outcast of the Islands
Conrad, JosephThe Arrow of Gold
Conrad, JosephLord Jim
Conrad, JosephThe Nigger of the Narcissus
Conrad, JosephNostromo
Conrad, JosephThe Rescue
Conrad, JosephA Set of Six
Conrad, JosephTwixt Land and Sea
Conrad, JosephTyphoon
Conrad, JosephVictory
Cook, JamesCaptain Cook’s Explorations
De Maupassant, GuyShort Stories of the Comedy and Tragedy of Life
Dostoyevsky, FyodorBrothers Karamazov
Dostoyevsky, FyodorCrime and Punishment
Doughty, CharlesTravels in Arabia Deserta I and II
Fielding, HenryJonathan Wilde
Fielding, HenryTom Jones
HakluytVoyages to the New World
Hawkins, Anthony HopeCaptain Dieppe
Hawkins, Anthony HopeA Change of Air
Hawkins, Anthony HopeDouble Harness
Hawkins, Anthony HopeHalf a Hero
Hawkins, Anthony HopeThe King’s Mirror
Hawkins, Anthony HopeA Man of Mark
Hawkins, Anthony HopeThe Prisoner of Zenda
Hawkins, Anthony HopeRupert of Hentzau
Hawkins, Anthony HopeSimon Dale
Hawkins, Anthony HopeThe Secret of the Tower
Hawkins, Anthony HopeTristam of Blent
Hudson, W. H.Green Mansions
Hudson, W. H.The Purple Land
Jackson, Helen HuntRamona
Lagerlof, SelmaGosta Berling
Lagerlof, SelmaJerusalem
London, JackCall of the Wild
London, JackWhite Fang
Loti, Pierre (Louis Marie Julien Viaud)An Iceland Fisherman
Loti, Pierre (Louis Marie Julien Viaud)India without the English
Loti, Pierre (Louis Marie Julien Viaud)On Life’s By-Ways
Manzoni, AlessandroThe Betrothed
Melville, HermanBilly Budd
Melville, HermanMoby Dick
Moore, TomLalla Rookh
Morris, WilliamNews from Nowhere
Morris, WilliamThe Roots of the Mountains
Morris, WilliamSigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs
Scott, RobertScott’s Last Expedition
Scott, RobertAs You Like It
Scott, RobertHamlet
Scott, RobertHenry IV
Scott, RobertHenry V
Scott, RobertMacbeth
Scott, RobertThe Sonnets
Scott, RobertThe Taming of the Shrew
Scott, RobertTwelfth Night
Stanley, Sir Henry MortonHow I Found Livingstone
StendahlThe Abbess of Castro and Other Tales
StendahlThe Charterhouse of Parma
StendahlLucien Leuwen
StendahlItalian Chronicles
StendahlMemoirs of a Tourist
StendahlThe Red and the Black
Thackery, William MakepeaceAdventures of Philip on His Way Through the World
Thackery, William MakepeaceBook of Snobs
Thackery, William MakepeaceCatherine
Thackery, William MakepeaceDenis Duval
Thackery, William MakepeaceEastern Sketches
Thackery, William MakepeaceHenry Esmond
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Four Georges
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe History of Pendennis
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Irish Sketchbook
Thackery, William MakepeaceLovel the Widower
Thackery, William MakepeaceMeroirs of Barry Lyndon
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Newcomes
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Paris Sketchbook
Thackery, William MakepeaceRoundabout Papers
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Second Funeral of Napoleon
Thackery, William MakepeaceSketches and Travels in London
Thackery, William MakepeaceVanity Fair
Thackery, William MakepeaceThe Virginians
Tolstoy, LeoAnna Karenina
Tolstoy, LeoChildhood, Boyhood, Youth
Tolstoy, LeoThe Cossacks
Tolstoy, LeoThe Death of Ivan Ilyitch and Other Stories
Tolstoy, LeoFables and Stories for Children
Tolstoy, LeoThe Kreutzer Sonata
Tolstoy, LeoMaster and Man
Tolstoy, LeoMy Confession
Tolstoy, LeoMy Religion
Tolstoy, LeoResurrection
Tolstoy, LeoTales of Sevastopol
Tolstoy, LeoWar and Peace
Tolstoy, LeoWhat Is to Be Done?
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester Towers
Trollope, AnthonyThe Warden
Trollope, AnthonyDoctor Thorne
Trollope, AnthonyFramley Parsonage
Trollope, AnthonyThe Small House at Allington
Trollope, AnthonyThe Last Chronicle of Barset
Trollope, AnthonyThe Way We Live Now
Turgenev, IvanThe Brigadier and Other Stories
Turgenev, IvanDiary of a Superfluous Man and Other Stories
Turgenev, IvanDream Tales and Prose Poems
Turgenev, IvanFathers and Sons
Turgenev, IvanA Sportsman’s Sketches
Turgenev, IvanKnock, Knock, Knock and Other Stories
Turgenev, IvanA Month in the Country
Turgenev, IvanNest of Gentlefolk
Turgenev, IvanRudin
Turgenev, IvanSmoke
Turgenev, IvanSpring Torrents
Undset, SigridThe Burning Bush
Undset, SigridCatherine of Siena
Undset, SigridThe Faithful Wife
Undset, SigridGunnar’s Daughter
Undset, SigridIda Elisabeth
Undset, SigridJenny
Undset, SigridKristin Lavransdatter
Undset, SigridThe Master of Hestviken
Undset, SigridSaga of Saints
Undset, SigridThe Wild Orchid
Verga, GiovanniCavalleria Rusticana and Other Stories
Verga, GiovanniThe House by the Medlar Tree (trans. D.H. Lawrence)
Verga, GiovanniLittle Novels of Sicily
Washington, Booker T.Up From Slavery
Wister, OwenThe Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography
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