Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

For the first day of February, we got quite a respite from cold and blustery January. It was 53 degrees when I got off work this afternoon. The downside is that Winter Storm Landon is pushing through starting tonight. It is supposed to start raining in a couple of hours, then turn into a foot or more of snow, topped with ice. I slept in this morning and got one of the best sleep score Fitbit has ever given me, which is an 87 based on 8 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. Today was another zero day. I took the Liturgy of the Hours in to work to read on my breaks, but didn’t really get any breaks. The guy on thirds had a rough night with equipment going buggy and age ovens blowing out for no reason. I got everything “pulled out of the hole” so to speak by the end of my shift, but it required working non-stop from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. I choked down a hamburger and spaghetti sandwich on wheat bread at about 2 p.m. and nursed the coffee from my ancient Stanley thermos all day.

My indestructible Stanley thermos is one of my possessions that, as Marie Kondo would say “brings me joy.” It was made in Nashville, TN back when Aladdin was making them. I bought it when I worked as a Banbury operator at GenCorp (Formerly General Tire) in a previous life in the same city I once again reside in. The factory is gone, razed to the ground, and is now an unsightly brownfield. Most of the people I worked with are dead. I and my Stanley thermos survive. Some of the guys I worked with had well-loved Stanleys whose cups were pure stamped steel, with no plastic liner like mine. Their cups were pinged and patina’d from rough handling (which they could take). Mine looked like a showroom model compared to theirs, back in the day. But over the years, mine has had its fair share of topples and tumbles. I’m quite proud of the misshapenness of its noggin. We have earned every ding. I wish I could go back in time and show John Netro, My uncle “Redbird” Lloyd, or Bobby Owens, who used to trade me a handful of Marlboro Lights for my Chicago Tribune sports section every day. They’d have nodded and said stoically, “that’s a damn good thermos.”

I was hoping to get at least the Office of Readings done, but alas… it was not to be. Days like that go fast. My oldest daughter Sierra went out to the store to try to find stuff to make fajitas, but in the lull before a big storm, the shelves are mostly bare. It should be interesting to see what we have to work with.

I took Habibi for a walk after I got home from work. It’s been so cold and icy out the past week or so that I’ve hesitated to take her for her walk. If she was younger, I wouldn’t have batted an eye, but as she’s getting older, she’s having trouble with her back legs and has to take Apoquel every day to keep the pain and inflammation at bay. She did good today. It felt great to walk at Paradise Spring, to see her “I haven’t been on a walk for a whole week” spunk and happiness to be outside just being a dog. We met a collie and a few couples who were out enjoying the calm before Landon, laying down steps and chatting away.

We’re only supposed to work until noon tomorrow because of the storm, and be off all of Thursday. You know what that means…

I’ll probably go on a blizzard hike.

Maybe I’ll sling my backpack on, head down the Wabash River Trail, stealth camp somewhere between here and Lagro, and test out my gear for the upcoming spring Appalachian Trail section hike.

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