The Nursery is Now Complete

Every single book is now available in the Nursery section of the Thousand Good Books archive. As I finished the project over the past couple weeks, I searched for the best illustrated editions of each work. I did this for a reason. So much of what your children (or grandchildren) will remember as you read these stories to them, will be the pictures that were drawn from some of the greatest children’s book illustrators the world has ever known.

I encourage you to read these books to your children. To any child who will listen and look. Their childhood will be the better for it. I won’t tell anyone if you simply read them yourselves, for yourselves. For some it may involve a trip down memory lane. For others, a first time delight.

But what I’ve said elsewhere holds true here: If you read a book to a child, you’re magic (especially if you try to use different voices for different characters!). You have the power to turn black squiggly lines into stories that will sink into their souls and remain there forever.

Don’t pass up that opportunity! It will involve some of the happiest memories for you, too. Something to cherish, something to pass along.

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