The Nursery is Now Complete

Every single book is now available in the Nursery section of the Thousand Good Books archive. As I finished the project over the past couple weeks, I searched for the best illustrated editions of each work. I did this for a reason. So much of what your children (or grandchildren) will remember as you read these stories to them, will be the pictures that were drawn from some of the greatest children’s book illustrators the world has

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Trending Titles

I must tell you that it is encouraging to see how many of the good books we have uploaded are being read. With more than a hundred titles already “live” at their home on ISSUU, I find it interesting to see which titles are the most popular. Here they are in order of impressions and reads: Stories for the Household by Hans Christian Andersen: 500 impressions and 22 reads Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen: 31 impressions

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A Nice Milestone

I’ve reached a milestone in populating the Thousand Good Books area. In the nursery section, you’ll find that each author now has at least one book available, and most have all of them. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll begin adding one title for each author in the Grammar School, Adolescent, and Youth sections. I hope you, your children and grandchildren enjoy reading them!