St. John Eudes and the Sacred Heart

The memorial of St John Eudes, which I’ve heard pronounced from the comical, like Joe Pesci trying to say “youths” in My Cousin Vinny” to Sean Combs answering the phone “Who dis?”

Well, our Saint is from France, so with all respect to my fellow Muricans, it’s not John, it’s Jean, though both are pronounced like the Jean in Jean Claude Van Damme.


And the last name isn’t hard, either, Frenchie. In fact, let’s just run the two words together like our Francophile brethren tend to do. Eudes is pronounced as Ood like in food. The result? Jaw Nude. Sorry, it’s true. But it’s also a slippery, beautiful name that rolls off the tongue. Jawnude.

Say it with me. Saint. John Eudes. You’re welcome.

_ _ _

Sitting on the back porch this morning as the sun came up, I was enjoying the nip in the air. It’s getting cooler at night as we get closer to Autumn, and 52 degrees is just about right for me. It’s hiking weather. I could sit there forever just watching the leaves on the black walnut trees sway in the wind. But I didn’t.

O Lord, how great are your works!
How deep are your designs.
– Ps. 92

I was thinking about brotherly love, because that’s what Divine Intimacy is covering this week. I couldn’t have come up with something like that myself. The world is in desperate need of a little fraternal charity these days.

We have to adapt ourselves to others instead of whining that nobody understands my needs, and my sensibilities. It has to do with overcoming our selfishness and sacrificing our ego on the altar of love for God. Tough words. Self-love is touted as the cure all for the world’s problems. That’s all well and good, but if you’re a Christian, you’re called to love everyone else, not just as much as you love yourself, but to the extent that Jesus loves you. We’re to put others before ourselves. So that sort of short-circuits the whole self-love thing, no?

Nothing wrong with healthy self-esteem. But even that for a believer is a bit different than the spin the world puts on it. I’d call it God-esteem. God has loved you from all eternity. Completely loved you. Even from before He created you. He knew you because you were already on His mind. He has loved you eternally. So as bad as we can be at times, no matter how down we get on ourselves for our sins and failings…

We are of infinite worth, and are absolutely and completely loved by God. Even when we’re icky. There’s your self-esteem.

We were all created out of love, and with love, so we might enjoy you, O God, Who are love. – St. Thérèse

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