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Adams, AndyCattle Brands
Adams, AndyLog of a Cowboy
Adams, AndyThe Outlet
Adams, AndyWhy the Chisolm Trail Forks
Alcott, Louisa MayA Free Bed
Alcott, Louisa MayAn Old Fashioned Girl
Alcott, Louisa MayAunt Jo’s Scrap Bag (6 volumes)
Alcott, Louisa MayEight Cousins
Alcott, Louisa MayFlower Fables
Alcott, Louisa MayHospital Sketches
Alcott, Louisa MayJack and Jill
Alcott, Louisa MayJo’s Boys
Alcott, Louisa MayLittle Men
Alcott, Louisa MayLittle Women
Alcott, Louisa MayLulu’s Library (3 volumes)
Alcott, Louisa MayMoods
Alcott, Louisa MayMorning Glories and Other Stories
Alcott, Louisa MayOn Picket Duty
Alcott, Louisa MayRose in Bloom
Alcott, Louisa MaySilver Pitchers and Independence
Alcott, Louisa MaySpinning Wheel Stories
Alcott, Louisa MayThree Proverb Stories
Alcott, Louisa MayUnder the Lilacs
Alcott, Louisa MayWork: A Story of Experience
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyA Midnight Fantasy
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyAn Old Town by the Sea
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyCloth of Gold
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyDaisy’s Necklace and What Came of It
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyFlower and Thorn
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyFriar Jerome’s Beautiful Book
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyMarjorie Daw
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyMiss Mehetabel’s Son
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyOur New Neighbors at Ponkapog
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyStory of a Bad Boy
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyThe Ballad of Baby Bell
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyThe Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyThe Little Violinist
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyThe Stillwater Tragedy
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyTwo Bites at a Cherry
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyCautionary Tales for Children
Browning, RobertLyrical Poems of Robert Browning
Browning, RobertThe Pied Piper of Hamelin
Burnett, Frances HodgsonLittle Lord Fauntleroy
Burnett, Frances HodgsonThe Secret Garden
Burroughs, Edgar RiceApache Devil
Burroughs, Edgar RiceBack to the Stone Age
Burroughs, Edgar RiceAt the Earth’s Core
Burroughs, Edgar RiceChessmen of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar RiceReturn of Tarzan
Burroughs, Edgar RiceSon of Tarzan
Burroughs, Edgar RiceTales of Three Planets
Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan
Cooper, James FenimoreAfloat and Ashore
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Bravo
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Chainbearer
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Crater
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Deerslayer
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Headsman
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Heidenmauer
Cooper, James FenimoreHome as Found
Cooper, James FenimoreHomeward Bound
Cooper, James FenimoreJack Tier
Cooper, James FenimoreLast of the Mohicans
Cooper, James FenimoreLionel Lincoln
Cooper, James FenimoreMercedes of Castille
Cooper, James FenimoreMiles Wallingford
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Monikins
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Oak Openings
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Path Finder
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Pioneers
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Pilot
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Prairie
Cooper, James FenimorePrecaution
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Red Rover
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Redskins
Cooper, James FenimoreSatan’s Toe
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Sea Lions
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Two Admirals
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Water Witch
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Ways of the Hour
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Wing and Wing
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Wept of Wish-ton-wish
Cooper, James FenimoreWyandotte
Cowper, WilliamJohn Gilpin’s Ride
Dana, Richard HenryTwo Years Before the Mast
Defoe, DanielRobinson Crusoe
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol
Dickens, CharlesCricket on the Hearth
Dickens, CharlesDavid Copperfield
Dickens, CharlesOliver Twist
Dickens, CharlesBleak House
Dickens, CharlesMartin Chuzzlewitt
Dickens, CharlesOur Mutual Friend
Dodge, Mary MapesHans Brinker
Garland, HamlinThe Light of the Star 
Garland, HamlinThe Long Trail
Garland, HamlinMain Travelled Roads
Garland, HamlinPrairie Folks
Garland, HamlinSon of the Middle Border
Garland, HamlinThe Spirit of Sweetwater
Hawthorne, NathanielTanglewood Tales
Hawthorne, NathanielThe House of Seven Gables
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet Letter, and others
Henty, George AlfredA hundred “boy’s books”
Irving, WashingtonA Sketch Book
Irving, WashingtonConquest of Granada
Irving, WashingtonLife of Christopher Columbus
Irving, WashingtonLife of George Washington (5 volumes)
James, WillBook of Cowboys
James, WillLone Cowboys
James, WillSmoky
James, WillWestward Ho!
James, WillCaptains Corageous
James, WillKim
James, WillStalky and Co
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthEvangeline
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthHiawatha
MacDonald, GeorgeThe Princess and Curdie
MacDonald, GeorgeThe Princess and the Goblin
Mackenzie KennethTill Eulenspiegel
Marryat, FrederickMasterman Ready
Marryat, FrederickMr. Midshipman Easy
Masefield, JohnJim Davis
Masefield, JohnPoems and Plays
Pyle, HowardOtto of the Silver Hand
Pyle, HowardRobin Hood
Sewall, AnnaBlack Beauty
Shakespeare, WilliamComedy of Errors
Spyri, JohannaChell
Spyri, JohannaHeidi
Spyri, JohannaAcross the Plains
Spyri, JohannaThe Black Arrow
Spyri, JohannaFrom Clyde to Sandy Hook
Spyri, JohannaKidnapped
Spyri, JohannaThe Silverado Squatters
Spyri, JohannaTreasure Island
Stowe, Harriet BeacherUncle Tom’s Cabin
Stratton-Porter, GeneAt the Foot of the Rainbow
Stratton-Porter, GeneA Daughter of the Land
Stratton-Porter, GeneFreckles
Stratton-Porter, GeneA Girl of the Limberlost
Stratton-Porter, GeneThe Harvester
Stratton-Porter, GeneHer Father’s Daughter
Stratton-Porter, GeneThe Magic Garden
Stratton-Porter, GeneMichael O’Halloran
Tarkington, BoothPenrod
Tarkington, BoothPenrod and Sam
Tarkington, BoothThe Magnificent Ambersons
Tarkington, BoothSeventeen
Tarkington, BoothHis Own People
Tarkington, BoothGentle Julia
Tarkington, BoothAlice Adams
Tarkington, BoothThe Flirt
Tarkington, BoothThe Gentleman from Indiana
Twain, Mark (earlier novels)Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark (earlier novels)The Prince and the Pauper
Twain, Mark (earlier novels)Tom Sawyer
Verne, Jules200,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Verne, Jules800 Leagues on the Amazon
Verne, JulesAround the World in 80 Days
Verne, JulesCaesar Cascabel
Verne, JulesFrom the Earth to the Moon
Verne, JulesHector Servadac
Verne, JulesJourney into the Interior of the Earth
Verne, JulesThe Lighthouse at the End of the World
Verne, JulesMysterious Island
Verne, JulesOn the Track
Verne, JulesVoyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle House in the Big Woods
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle House on the Prairie
Wilder, Laura IngallsFarmer Boy
Wilder, Laura IngallsOn the Banks of Plum Creek
Wilder, Laura IngallsBy the Shores of Silver Lake
Wilder, Laura IngallsThe Long Winter
Wilder, Laura IngallsThe Little Town on the Prairie
Wilder, Laura IngallsThese Happy Golden Years
Wyss, JohannSwiss Family Robinson
Wyss, JohannWillis the Pilot
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