Carlo Collodi

Biographical Note:

Adapted from Wikipedia: Carlo Lorenzini (24 November 1826 – 26 October 1890), better known by the pen name Carlo Collodi was an Italian author, humourist, and journalist, widely known for his fairy tale novels Adventures of Pinocchio.

Collodi became disenchanted with Italian politics and turned to children’s literature. His first works involved translating French fairy tales into Italian.

Lorenzini became fascinated by the idea of using an amiable, rascally character as a means of expressing his own convictions through allegory. In 1880 he began writing Story of a Marionette, also called The Adventures of Pinocchio, which was published weekly in an Italian children’s newspaper. Pinocchio was adapted into a 1940 film by Disney that is considered to be one of Disney’s greatest.

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