Confessions of a Bad Catholic

Maybe I’m the last person who should be putting up a website like this. I’m not the holiest guy in the world. In fact, the biggest regret I have in life is that I wasn’t more attentive to my children’s spiritual needs as they were growing up. I cringe nowadays when I realize that we became the quintessential cultural Catholics who went to Mass on Sunday, said Grace before meals and bedtime prayers. Silly thing is, today even that is out of the ordinary. It isn’t what I intended! Irony has played the upper hand in my life many times. Starting off with good intentions, you get dragged to the side. Sometimes you get dragged through the mud. But here’s the kicker: Kenny Chesney was right when he sang in “Don’t Blink” that time goes faster than you think. Your best intentions get steamrolled when you hesitate and there you stand, empty hands outstretched and pleading ignorance.

That is a deadly recipe today because of everything that is at stake.

And this culture…

You know, the one that fell around us while we fiddled like Nero? It eats children if you aren’t careful. I wasn’t.

¬†There’s a saying: Everyone has a purpose; for some that purpose is to serve as a warning to others.

Perhaps I resemble that remark. So if you can learn from my mistakes instead of flirting disaster, do it.

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