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After months of planning, testing and design, I’m overjoyed to be able to offer the Cellarium Primer and related line of daily planners to help you grow in holiness.

What is Cellarium?

It is a rule of life and daily regimen that I off-handedly refer to as “the regs” and “the pegs.” It’s based on Carmelite spirituality lived out each day under the Brown Scapular Confraternity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Do you want to get holier, but struggle every day just to get a foothold on the rocky landscape of responsibilities, commitments, and relationships? Cellarium is for you. Do you wish there was a systematic way to hold yourself accountable to the demands of faith? Cellarium is for you. Do you feel like you’re spiritually stuck in a pit with no way out? Cellarium is for you.

When you first read through the rule and regimen, you’ll probably shake your head and say, “there’s no way I’ll ever be able to accomplish all that!” But the genius is that you start where you are, adding a simple structure to your day that reminds you to put yourself in the presence of God for a moment, and offer Him whatever baby steps you’ve planned for that week. You do what you can until it becomes habitual, and only them move on to the next step. And it’s based on what you know you can handle.

The prayers and practices have been with the church for time immemorial, there are no novelties. It’s straight from the Gospel and the way it’s been lived out by Carmelite Saints for over a millennia. Cellarium believes that if you want to get somewhere, all you have to do is start walking in it’s direction with the strength you have that day.

Available on Amazon in paperback

You may have never thought that a daily planner could help get you to heaven. Neither did I, until I started using an early version of it as a folded sheet of printer paper I called my planner insert. It keeps me accountable. It shows me each day, based on a weekly preview filled out the previous Sunday, those things I’ve pledged to offer the Lord. I live The Regs as best I can, and schedule on “The Pegs” simple times of prayer and silence as meticulously I would a work meeting or an outing with friends. 

The planners are adaptable and customizable, too, if you want to add devotions that aren’t included, or if some of them are impossible for you. You will make it completely your own.

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If we as Catholics don’t pursue holiness and if we don’t differentiate ourselves from the caustic political and cultural platforms that have been evolving over the last several years, nothing that we do is going to make a difference in eternity. That isn’t the future I want for myself or for my loved ones, or for you.

We need to be making a difference. Not as activists or culture warriors, but as simple faithful Catholics aspiring to sainthood, sanctifying each and every day through prayer and through taking seriously the discipleship that Our Lord expects from us.

Following the spiritual practices of Cellarium won’t require you to become a Carmelite religious as a priest or nun, or even as a member of their third order (tertiaries). We as lay Catholics have the privilege of benefitting from the prayers and works of the Carmelite orders through a simple act: being enrolled in the Brown Scapular and living as members of that Confraternity. One doesn’t simply wear the brown scapular and hope everything goes well. There are spiritual practices that must also be fulfilled if we want to reap the abundant graces that flow from the prayers and works of this contemplative order.

I don’t speak as an expert in all things contemplative here. I’m just a normal everyday Catholic who struggles like everyone else. I started this apostolate to hold myself accountable first, and to offer it to others who might find it beneficial. Following the Cellarium rule and regimen will enable you to start simply and up your game as your prayer life gets some solid footing.

You’ll learn in depth exactly what Cellarium is and how I’m incorporating it into my life through my blog posts (hosted on Medium). I encourage you to hop over there when you’re done with this page to learn more. I’d love it if those of you who are using Cellarium to grow in holiness comment on my posts so we can have a conversation and a bit of fellowship. I’d also love to hear your comments on how God is working on you as you incorporate the regs and the pegs. But to get you started right away, I’m happy to announce that the Cellarium Primer, with a weekly preview and daily planner insert, is now available on Amazon, as well as a pending undated quarterly planner, and a soon to be released yearly digital version.  I hope you find them useful.


P.S. Do you want to help this apostolate grow? First of all, add me and my apostolate to your daily prayers. Also, If the products have been helpful to you or you think that others would benefit from them, recommend them on social media and leave comments on the platforms where you purchased them. God bless!