Working from home again, naturally…

Yesterday was another day in the office, since my telecommuting technology wouldn’t work. I think this is going to be an ongoing problem as the economy contracts like skin in cold water. People on the bus and Metro train were doing a better job of social distancing, but there were too many people at work.

I kept my distance.

Today, I’m working from home again. It looks like next week will be a repeat, and we won’t be returning to any sort of normal for a while. As Thorogood would say, “that don’t confront me.” I’m checking out of this over-built playground of concrete ribbons and bureaucratic hot air, and heading back to Flyover.

What will the weekend hold? More social distancing. A hike perhaps, around Lake Fairfax, maybe down to Great Falls and back if I get started early enough. We’ll see how it goes after breakfast.

For now…gotta get busy.



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