Working from home again, naturally…

Yesterday was another day in the office, since my telecommuting technology wouldn’t work. I think this is going to be an ongoing problem as the economy contracts like skin in cold water. People on the bus and Metro train were doing a better job of social distancing, but there were too many people at work.

I kept my distance.

Today, I’m working from home again. It looks like next week will be a repeat, and we won’t be returning to any sort of normal for a while. As Thorogood would say, “that don’t confront me.” I’m checking out of this over-built playground of concrete ribbons and bureaucratic hot air, and heading back to Flyover.

What will the weekend hold? More social distancing. A hike perhaps, around Lake Fairfax, maybe down to Great Falls and back if I get started early enough. We’ll see how it goes after breakfast.

For now…gotta get busy.



M m m my Coronavirus

At least now I can say that I got up and wrote something today. There, I did it!

The day isn’t a waste now. Sometimes it’s that easy, sometimes not. But as with all writers who keep a record of their thoughts and experiences, the question is always, “what’s next?” My journalism professor, friend, and sometimes mentor Hank tells his students and advisees to go out every day and have an adventure, then write about it. The day has just begun, and I expect to do just that.

I’m walking out into the greater COVID-19 wasteland, boarding a subway train, and heading to work. I don’t have much of a choice because though we’ve been freed to telecommute, my employer hasn’t supplied enough bandwidth over their VPN to allow much work to happen. Testing systems during a public health emergency is against every principle of disaster management, but they’re failing spectacularly.

I’m taking my friends Lysol and Clorox with me. They’re stone-cold killers. Purell is waiting for me there. We’ll shake hands and face this virus riddled world with a brave face. If you see me out there, say “hey!” from a safe distance. I’ll be the guy not wearing a mask. Masks are for heroes like doctors and nurses.

Here I go…

That feeling when you get to the Metro station and are immediately confronted with Corona.

I have to admit that yesterday my daughter stopped by the grocery store to stock up on toilet paper (they were out) but scored me a twelve pack of Corona Extra.

Extra sick?

It was on sale for some reason. I guess some people don’t share our morbid sense of humor?

Work went fine, even though some people don’t get the gist of “hey! six feet… get the flub away from me!” If you try to practice social distancing at the turnstiles, some jackholes are more than willing to volunteer to cut in front of you, because¬†ya know¬†that extra three seconds she saved is gonna get her so much further down the road to her inattentive husband and eye-rolling tween.

Stay safe out there.

The viral writer’s journal

Hey, come on in. Stay away from me, though. This whole Corona Virus social distancing business is stoking my introvert tendencies (I’m an INFP, of you’re into Myers Briggs). Six feet, got it?

This is a space where I’m going to splash my thoughts that don’t have any place to belong. I have a degree in magazine journalism that I’ve wasted for thirty years, but I made a decision a few weeks ago to quit my job, move back to my hometown, and eke out a living as a writer. Most of that writing is hosted over at Medium (follow the links above) and I’m building my portfolio exclusively on their platform.

Sounds rough, huh? It will be. It takes awhile to master anything, but you have to pick something, right? So this will be a writer’s journal. Plain and simple. I’ll come here regularly just to get the juices flowing. It’s where I’ll work out ideas for stories, discuss books that I’m reading to generate ideas, and so forth. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you might find some value in it, because I will share the ups and downs of my journey to becoming a full-time writer.

Right here. The writing may get better as time goes on, but starting out, I’m not going to spend much time editing or fooling around with the wording. It’ll be stream of consciousness, and that’s okay for me. If it is for you, too… great. This is my place to get words and ideas out. If I play around with them further, it’ll be over at Medium.

I’ve read a lot of articles on Medium about writers writing about how to write. I’m not going to do that over there. There is too much of it, and not all of it is good or relevant (my opinion). The topics I’ll be tackling over there have to do with a big idea I’ve been researching for nearly twenty years. It sounds boring when I try to put it in academic language. My calling, I guess, is to make it interesting enough for people to try. I won’t go into that here, but if you come back, you’ll learn plenty about it, as well as watching me strategize over the best way to present it.

I’ve started a Medium publication, too. It’s called the New Leaf Lifestyle. That’s my topic. The links to my articles and the publication are on the menu bar above, on either side of the link to this BLOG.

So welcome. Hope to see you here again soon.